Efficient – large-area greening with turfgrass / sods. From professionals to professionals

With our many years of experience in golf course construction and landscaping, we are a competent and efficient partner, especially for our commercial customers, when it comes to the rapid greening of small, medium and large areas. The experienced laying teams of Süd-Rasen GmbH are on the road all over Europe for our long-standing partners and quickly and efficiently green the most diverse areas:

  • -roadside greenery or slope greening,
  • -Airport areas,
  • -large company premises,
  • -Condominiums,
  • -Parks and other public recreation areas,
  • -Swimming pools,
  • -Hotel facilities,
  • -Golf courses,
  • -and much more.

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Professional – Innovative sod installation solutions and modern machinery

Süd-Rasen GmbH sees itself as a service provider. In this function, we are constantly looking for solutions to complete a project even more efficiently and thus faster and more cost-optimized. Our machine park consists of specially designed or modified construction machines to meet our own performance requirements.

For example, you will find in our machinery:

Maneuverable and light wheel loaders with turf tires – for transporting loads over existing turfgrass areas that are to be protected.

Wheel-driven compact machines with platform – for seamless turf laying.

Track-driven light construction machines with laying constructions – for steep slopes up to 45 degrees (1:1 slope).

Load cross beams for excavators – for slope greening from the top of the dam.

In addition to the most varied laying solutions, we naturally also operate special machinery and attachments that enable efficient ground preparation before installing the sod.


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Flexible – sod roll dimensions adapted to the respective requirements

Experience is everything. We know which roll dimensions are best suited for the respective surfaces.

Do you need a quick greening in the smallest of spaces? Is it about a quick usability of the area? How far are the distances from the unloading point to the laying area? What are the passage widths and heights?

You will hear all these questions from us. Why? Because this is how we find the most efficient solution for each project. In YOUR interest.

Here you will get an insight into the most common roll dimensions and their use.

Small roll

Dimensions: 40 cm x 250 cm or 53 cm x 187 cm (1m2 per roll)
Weight per roll: approx. 20 kg at 1.5 cm thickness of cut
Thickness of cut: 1,5 cm – 3,5 cm
Area output per day: as required
Description: Our small rolls are universally applicable for areas of up to 1,000 sqm, whether as roadside greenery, for the greening of residential areas, for narrow flood and seepage troughs or for small-scale slope greening (also with soil nailing).
Area of application: flexible use, also in areas with many curves and corners
for housing complexes with already completed fence
for flood and seepage troughs
for repair work in green areas
in traffic route construction (traffic islands, parking islands etc.)

Middle role I

Dimensions: 0.6 m x 20 m (12 m2 per roll) – Lengths up to 40 m possible
Weight per roll: approx. 320 kg at 2 cm thickness of cut
Area output per day: up to 3000 m2 per machine per day
Description: Description: The middle roll I is usually only used for areas of 1,000 sqm or more, e.g. for commercial areas or parks. Due to its relatively low weight, this roll dimension can be installed in almost any terrain.
This roll size is laid mechanically by our laying professionals, in steep terrain also with our specially designed track-driven installation machines (ground pressure 24 kPa = 102 kg per m2).
Area of application: universally applicable
for mechanical slope planting
for medium to large installation areas
for public green spaces
in traffic route engineering

Middle role II

Dimensions: 0.74 m x 30 m (22.5 m2 per roll)
Weight per roll: approx. 560 kg with 2 cm thickness of cut
Area output per day: up to 4500 m2 per machine per day
Description: The middle role II is primarily used on largely flat surfaces from approx. 2000 m2 upwards. Due to the higher weight compared to the Middle role I, it is not suitable for slopes and steep terrain. We have various laying solutions for this type of rolls in our machine portfolio.
Area of application: on sports facilities
on golf courses
at airports
n public parks
in traffic route construction (e.g. greening of slops from the top of the dam)

Large role

Dimensions: 1.20 m x 30 m (22.5 m2 per roll)
Weight per roll: approx. 880 kg with 2 cm thickness of cut
Area output per day: up to 7500 m2 per machine per day
Description: The large reel requires a flat surface as well as well thought-out logistics. This type of roll is therefore used exclusively on large surfaces with paved surrounding areas and access possibilities. It is laid using a specially converted wheel loader (1.9 t) with twin turf tires on both axles.
Area of application: for areas +5000 m2
on sports grounds
at driving ranges
in the field of runways
on the festival ground after dismantling
iin landscaping and recultivation

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Efficient, professional and flexible – We are Süd-Rasen GmbH

With more than 20 years of experience in the construction of complex turf surfaces such as golf courses, stadiums and motorway slopes, we are your contact for all matters relating to greenery.

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